01. Intro.
02. Drop The Match by Winds Of Plague
03. 1.000.000 Lightyears By Amaranthe
04. Atom To Adam By Otep
05. Cut Dem By Skindred
06. The Abandoned By Memphis May Fire
07. Astronomicon By Scar Symmetry
08. Worth it All By Betrayal
09. Cyclops By Texas In July
10. Ame Perdue By Breed Machine
11. Nítido By Ponto Nulo no Céu
12. Dark Room Conjuror By Valet Parn
13. Sweet Relief By One Without
14. Three By Disturbed
15. Perpetual Ruin By Hope For The Dying
16. Other Way Around By Wasted Bullet
17. Smother By Chromium
18. Evil Ways By Nonpoint
19. Face The Enemy By Dead End
20. Now Museum Now You Dont By Blood The Martyrs
21. End.

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